Sized according to hip measurement.

Back Height: 12″
Front Height: 9-1/2″

Small (30″-35″)
Medium (36″-41″)
Large (42″-47″)
X-Large (48″-53″)


Spina II LSO (4-post chairback). Super-lightweight Kydex frame with 3/8″ pile-covered foam liner. The Spina II helps reduce lordosis through general abdominal compression while providing AP & ML stability. Liner attaches by hook ‘n pile contact and can be easily removed for washing.

When it comes to your spine and lower back, you really can’t take any risks. If your doctor has recommended that you use a lumbo-sacral orthosis to help reduce lordosis of your spine, then you might as well settle for the best. Many physicians would argue that the best is the the 4-post chair back version of the Spina® II LSO.

The Spina® II LSO device is certainly one of the most advanced in its class from a technological perspective. It has been constructed using a state-of-the-art super-lightweight Kydex frame to give you the greatest possible extent of movement, unburdened by excess weight. It is coated with a 3/8″ thick pile-covered foam liner to provide additional comfort which you’ll certainly need when wearing such a device for long periods.

This orthosis is particularly convenient to use on a long term basis as its inner liner can be easily removed for washing. It’s important to clean it regularly to prevent the buildup of sweat and other particulate matter that might lead to bacterial growth and the generation of unpleasant odors. The liner can be simply reattached by means of a hook and pile contact system. It really couldn’t be easier to get your back into shape.

This orthotic device has been designed to fit the vast majority of people, with a back height of 12″ and a front height of 9.5″ to facilitate movement when you want to bend forwards. You can find your exact size by measuring your hip circumference, and we cater for sizes from small (30″-35″) to extra large (48″-53″).

We are here to help you choose exactly the right lumbo-sacral orthosis to fit your exact needs. Let us know precisely what you need from your orthosis and your lower back problems will be under control before you know it.

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