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Tips To Make Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

Making sure that a home is wheelchair friendly can be a challenging job because most homes were never designed for wheelchairs. There can be issues to overcome like narrow doorways, tight corners, stairs, and small bathrooms.

Here are some basics tips how you can make your home more wheelchair friendly and help a wheelchair user keep a measure of independence.

Top Tips to Make Your Home Accessible for Wheelchairs

Of course, each home is different, however, with some planning and forethought it is possible to make a home easily accessible and wheelchair friendly. Here are some practical ideas that you can do:

The Main Entrance

It is important to make sure that the entrance to your home is as accessible as possible. This can usually be done by installing a wheelchair ramp at the main entrance. It will be necessary to consider the number of stairs and the space available because this will affect the gradient of the ramp. It is also possible to install a ramp which can be unfolded and used as needed. It should have a non-slip surface.


It can be a challenging experience for a wheelchair user to consider getting up and down stairs. By installing a stairlift you can add a measure of independence to someone confined to a wheelchair. The stairlifts can also be designed to go around corners if necessary.


It can be difficult navigate getting through narrow doorways. Very often the wheelchair user can injure his or her hands on the door frames and some electric wheelchairs are too wide to pass through. However, the construction of most homes allows for doorways to be widened. It could also be possible to remove some doors completely.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

It can be a challenge to make a kitchen or bathroom wheelchair friendly. You should make sure that units and cabinets can be easily reached and that it's possible to open the doors without the wheelchair hindering it. Roll-out storage units can be an effective solution. Also, sinks should be installed so that a wheelchair can be rolled underneath.


To make it easier to switch on lights and appliances, you should install switches so they are easily accessible, usually at waist height. Alternatively, you could install voice-activated lighting controls which make it even easier to control the lights.

It is possible to make some practical adjustments to a home to make it more wheelchair friendly and improve the quality of life for someone confined to a wheelchair.

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