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How to Stay Positive if You or a Loved One Has Cancer

It can be challenging to stay positive if you or someone in your care for is facing cancer. A diagnosis of cancer can mean a period of uncertainty and worry about the future. Feelings of despair, frustration, and anger can seem to dampen any thoughts of keeping positive.

Getting in a good mindset or knowing how to care for a loved one who has cancer can do much to get as much happiness as possible in a difficult.

Although everyone is different and there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few things you can do to stay positive.

The importance of staying positive in the face of cancer

According to Cancer Research UK, thinking positively and being positive is an important way to cope with cancer.

It is good to remember that it’s natural to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Feelings such as denial, panic, anxiety, guilt, and sadness are all normal. Dealing with those negative emotions in a positive way can help to improve your quality of life while you or a loved one is going through treatment.

Of course, it is not easy to stay positive and stressing the need to be positive may put undue pressure on the patient. However, being positive doesn’t always mean being joyful or optimistic. Doctors say that being positive means “recognizing the importance of hope in every situation.”

How to stay positive if you or someone has cancer

Let’s look at a few practical ways to remain positive if you or a loved one has to deal with cancer.

1. Express your feelings

It’s important to be able to express all of your feelings – good ones and bad ones – to a trusted friend. It is fine to feel down, sad, or angry and telling how you are feeling to family and friends can help to let go of them. If that is not possible, then writing down your feelings can help.

2. Don’t let your imagination go wild

Try to avoid dwelling on things that you don’t know about or what may or may not happen.

3. Look for something positive

Trying to look for something good even when things aren’t going well can also help stay positive. For example, you may develop new friendships through your cancer treatment. Use your energy to focus on what you can do for your wellbeing.

4. Stay as healthy as possible

To help stay positive and give yourself strength, try to care for your body. This can mean getting enough rest after treatment, learning to relax, eating well-balanced meals when you have your appetite. Doing things you enjoy can help to take your mind off your condition and treatment schedule.

5. How to talk with someone who has cancer

If you provide emotional support to someone with cancer, what you can say can help them stay positive? Avoid negative comments on how they look as that doesn’t provide any positive support. Also, don’t say that you know how they feel.

Usually, letting the person know you care and you are interested in them helps to give positive strength.

Photo by Vince Fleming