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How to Help Seniors Downsize

help senior downsize

There comes a point in a senior’s life where it becomes sensible to find a smaller home. Helping seniors to downsize can be a challenge because there could be many items that have sentimental value. Knowing the best way to assist elderly people to downsize could be difficult especially if they are moving into a care home.

The challenges of downsizing

When you consider how to meet the challenge facing seniors when it comes to downsizing, it’s easy to understand why help is necessary. Here are two of the main challenges:

  • Stress trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid off
  • Worry about living in accommodation that is much smaller than they are used to

Benefits of downsizing

However, there are many benefits to downsizing. Usually helping an elderly person to see the benefits of moving to smaller accommodation can help to offset much of the worry. For example, the main two benefits of downsizing are:

  • Paying less for utilities and energy bills
  • Having less maintenance and upkeep on a large house

How to Help a Senior Downsize

Here are some ways you can help an older person downsize.

Start with early preparation

When it comes to downsizing, early preparation is key to making it a success. You should start preparing at least a month before the move will take place. This is also time to start deciding what personal items the senior person takes.

Have a plan

When sorting out items, put everything into 4 piles or categories – keep, donate, gift, trash. You could also think about selling valuable items that carry much emotional attachment.

Keep memories

With some ingenuity, it could be possible to keep many of memories without the clutter. For example, it is possible to store a lot of old photos digitally and get rid of the need to store large boxes of photographs. Or, if the senior has a collection of items, they could maybe take a few with them and you could have posters made of the others.

Be organized

To take a lot of the stress out of moving to smaller accommodation, it pays to be organized. So, make sure that boxes are well labeled and you have an inventory list of each box. Know which boxes contain essential items for the first few days in the new place. Make sure that all medication and medical equipment is at hand and easily accessible.

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