How to Boost a Seniors Immune System Naturally

How to Boost a Seniors Immune System Naturally
Having a strong immune system is important to keep a senior healthy and reduce the risk of serious infection. Even if an elderly person does have a health issue, a strong immune system will boost the chances of making a speedy recovery. Improving the immunity of an aging person is also important because the aging process weakens the body’s immune response.
In this article, you will find out various ways of boosting the immune system if you have to care for a person who is over 60. Many of these immune-boosting strategies are virtually cost-free and can have a beneficial effect on general health.

Well-balanced diet

To be healthy and have a strong immune system, it’s important to eat a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients. It’s important to try and get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible from dietary sources. If this is not possible, then multivitamins can help to boost immunity.
Because an older person is generally less active, it’s also important to stick to a low-sugar, low-fat diet.

Age-appropriate exercise

Exercising is not just good for your cardio health and keeping excess weight down, regular exercise also helps to boost the immune system.
A study published in the journal Aging Cell found that being physically active in old age can help your body respond better to vaccines and fight against flu and infections.[1] So, it’s important to help a senior be as active as they physically can be to give their immunity a boost.

Wash hands

Many infections like the common cold and flu are transmitted by touching infected objects. Even carers who have an upper respiratory infection can unwittingly pass on germs to seniors they are looking after. So, it’s good to wash hands regularly and avoid unnecessarily touching eyes, mouth, ears, or nose.

Reduce stress

Stress can affect the immune system of any person and, therefore, it’s important to help a senior cope with stress. Stress has been linked to making a person more susceptible to viruses and infections. Sometimes, listening and offering reassuring comfort can help to reduce stress. Also, making sure that your elderly parent has a good social network of friends can help to reduce stress and boost immunity.


One of the most important ways to give your immune system a needed boost is to get enough sleep. Getting adequate amounts of sleep can help a senior fight infections quicker and make the body respond better to vaccines.

Source: Aging Cell. 2018 April;17(2):e12750.
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