Natural Ways to Relieve Stress for Seniors

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress for Seniors
Although stress can affect anyone, older adults can be especially prone to suffering from anxiety. Seniors can be under intense stress after the loss of a loved one, having to deal with mobility issues, or managing a chronic illness.
It can be challenging for seniors to manage stress naturally. Usually, younger people can deal with stress easier because it is easier to engage in physical activity or adapt to changing circumstances easier. For an older person, age-related problems may restrict activity and physical activity may require more effort.
How can you help an older adult in your care to relieve stress naturally? Here are 3 excellent stress relief tips for seniors. These methods to get rid of stress will also have a positive impact on their health.

1. Physical activity to relieve stress

Physical exercise is an excellent way to help relieve anxiety and also improve physical stamina.
Research published in 2017 found that members of the older population who can do some aerobic, flexibility, balance, or resistance training enjoy a better quality of life. Any physical exercise program should be tailored to the needs of the older adult to achieve maximal benefits. (1)
Physical exercise can also help to improve bone mineral density, make walking easier, and also manage weight better.

2. Enjoy a healthy diet

You should also make sure that the older person in your care enjoys a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes enough nutrients.
A healthy diet should include fresh fruit and vegetables, unsaturated healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and be as sugar-free as possible. This type of healthy diet can help to relieve stress, reduce chronic inflammation, and regulate blood pressure more effectively.

3. Connect with family and friends

If you notice that a loved one in your care is suffering from stress, helping them to connect with others can help to lower stress levels.
One study found that receiving social support is connected with better physical and mental health.
If possible, you could suggest that they join a local group connected to their interests or a support group if they need emotional support. You may be able to arrange that they keep in touch with children and grandchildren through technology like video calls.
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