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4 Tips to Prepare a Senior’s Home for Winter
With temperatures dropping, it’s important to start preparing a senior’s home for winter. Older people feel the cold more than adults and it is essential that steps are taken to keep them warm during wintertime. Of course, you need to think about how to reduce the possibility of slipping on fallen leaves in the fall and to keep paths and steps outside ice-free.
Here are our top 4 quick tips on equipment you need if a person is receiving home care and how to prepare a senior’s home for winter.

1. Get furnaces serviced and checked

The fall is the time to get furnaces maintained and checked. This has a number of beneficial ways to help keep a senior’s house warm in winter.
First, a professional will check for worn parts and replace any old parts that may break in the next few months. This will prevent a furnace breaking down just when your elderly relative is needing heat the most.
Second, maintaining a heating system properly will help reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the furnace.

2. Install bright lights

Make sure that lighting is adequate in the house. Winter nights are darker and longer than summertime and making sure that there are bright lights installed will prevent tripping on items around the house. LED lighting is an extremely cost effective way to brighten up a home for very little running costs.
There is also another reason to have brighter lighting in wintertime. Light can help to offset depression and prevent symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

3. Get a portable heater

Make sure that you have a portable heater in rooms where the elderly person spends most of his or her time. This can help to easily increase the temperature in the room if it is necessary. Remember to make sure that the heater isn’t connected to an extension cable as this can be a trip hazard.

4. Be well equipped

Closer to wintertime, it’s important to make sure that there are enough provisions in the house. Stock the cupboards well with tinned food, make sure that there are enough blankets in the home, and there is a flashlight with new batteries. This will make sure that in the event of harsh weather, your loved one has everything they need to keep safe and warm.
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