Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care — How to Choose

Choosing between home care and nursing home care can be a heart-wrenching decision. On the one hand, home is where your loved one feels safe, secure, and comforted by their memories. But on the other hand, a nursing home can provide a level of care that is almost impossible to achieve in the home setting.
This article looks at some things to consider if you need to decide on the best course of treatment for a loved one in your care.

Home Care Benefits and Disadvantages

The benefits of pets for seniors are weIn most cases, a senior person starts receiving care at home. This is because the aging process is slow and gradual, and the house is adapted as needs change. It is also possible to arrange a high level of professional medical care at home. ll-documented in medical literature. For example, the journal Aging & Mental Health reported that pet ownership is associated with positive mental health outcomes. This was found to be especially true in community-dwelling situations.

The Benefits of Home Care

One of the benefits of continuing caring for someone at home is the one-to-one contact with the caregiver. In addition, the aging family member usually feels more comfortable in the familiarity of their home. However, the most significant advantage is independence. Typically, the senior person can make their own decisions.

The Disadvantages of Home Care

The two main concerns with home care are hiring a caregiver and safety. Because home care involves regular personal contact with one person, the relationship with the caregiver can make or break the arrangement.
Of course, the other issue with home care is health and safety. Homes generally don’t have the specialized medical equipment that healthcare facilities have. As a result, your loved one may be at risk of falling or other hazards around the home.

Nursing Home Care Benefits and Disadvantages

Also called skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes are designed to provide specialized long-term care. The convalescent home offers a combination of housekeeping and nursing services, carried out by trained, professional staff. In most cases, care is available 27/7, 24 hours a day.

The benefits of nursing home care

Peace of mind is usually the most significant benefit of a nursing home. Families can be sure that their loved ones get the medical care they require. This can take a lot of strain from family relationships and protect the physical and mental health of family members.
In addition, there is better security in nursing homes, and older folks have more socialization opportunities. Many homes organize game nights and outings and encourage hobbies like crafts or art.

The disadvantages of nursing home care

Typically, most seniors are reluctant to go into a nursing home. The change in surroundings can be upsetting, and they may resent losing some of their freedom and independence. One of the other factors to consider is cost—care in a nursing home is significantly more expensive than home care.
Whatever option you choose — in-home care, private home care, adult day care, or assisted living — you should discuss the options with everyone involved to work out what is best.
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