Top Tips When Walking with Aging Parents

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for elderly people because it has many health benefits. Light exercising such as walking helps to strengthen bones, reduce blood pressure, improve stamina, and reduce anxiety. Walking with elderly parents also helps to keep you healthy and strengthen family bonds.
However, there can be challenges when walking with aging parents. They may have mobility issues or gait disorders and can make walking painful. Even getting up from a sitting position can be difficult for some.
What can you do if you want to help a loved elderly person walk more?

Suggestions for Walking with Elderly Persons

Here are some top tips to make walking with older people both safe and pleasurable.

Get advice from their caregiver

It is important to speak to their caregiver or doctor to get advice on what kind of walking would be suitable. The doctor will be able to advise on what exercise will provide the most benefit for your loved one and what you should avoid.

Encourage the use of assistance aids

In some cases, it may be a good idea to encourage the use of a cane or walker. It is natural that an elderly person is hesitant at first. So, you could try to emphasize the benefits of walking devices to their health stamina.

Get the proper footwear

You need to make sure your elderly parent has footwear appropriate to the conditions and terrain. Shoes should fit comfortably and not press or pinch their feet. You also make sure that footwear will not slip in wet or icy conditions. If you decide to walk in the countryside, then appropriate boots or other footwear may be necessary.

Be aware of obstacles

When walking, you should be extra aware of any potential obstacles on the path. This could be a broken sidewalk, branches, rocks on the path, or potholes. In some public places like parks or shopping malls, you should also be aware of other people who could inadvertently bump into your loved one.
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