How To Choose the Best Adjustable Bed

How To Choose the Best Adjustable Bed
Knowing how to choose the best adjustable bed is important for anyone who has to spend a lot of time in bed and who has special needs. Having a comfortable bed, which is easy to adjust and maneuver can add greatly to a person’s quality of life and also make it easier for the care-giver.
If you are looking to choose the best adjustable bed for your, or a relative’s needs, what should you keep in mind?

Type of Adjustable Bed

The first consideration is which kind of adjustable bed you need. You can choose between manually adjustable beds, semi-electric beds, and electric beds. For example, manually adjustable beds tend to be cheaper, but are more difficult to adjust. However, electric adjustable beds will be bulkier, and more expensive, but will move at the touch of a button.
You should also take into consideration the height of the bed to make it easier to get in and out of bed. Also, if it is difficult to turn the person in bed, some beds have a function which makes it easier to turn them.


Choosing the right type of mattress is also important for the right kind of bed. Some mattresses will help to reduce pressure and that can help a person stay comfortable if they have to spend a long time in bed.
Depending on the health needs of the person, you may need a mattress that is waterproof and can be easily cleaned.

Safety Features

If you are looking to buy an electric adjustable bed, it’s essential to make sure that there are safety features to avoid injuring someone. For example, if there is an obstruction like a arm or leg, an anti-entrapment mechanism will sense this can stop the bed movement.

Weight Limit

You should always check the weight limit of the bed, especially if it is for someone over 280 lbs. The various mechanisms in the bed need to be able to support the person properly and adjust appropriately.
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